It is likely that car hitches are  essential in your daily lives.  Truck hitches can be harnessed to haul campers, boats and just about everything else that you have to put in your trailer. Specially, gooseneck which includes the fifth wheel hitch is used for trailers that weigh up to 30,000 pounds. On the other hand, the hitches for cars should only be used for fastening trailers weighing under a ton.


Online retailers and dealers of hitch can provide specialized and professional assistance for customers to find the best hitch that matches all their needs at the best price. You should always consider the towing capacity of your vehicle when choosing the appropriate hitch. You should also consider the maximum amount of weight you expect to fasten your vehicle.


Hitch Styles


If you are planning to fasten a load that is relatively light to your vehicle, a weight carrying hitch would do just fine. It is a simple type of hitch that links your trailer directly to your towing vehicle. This hitch carries the load immediately behind the towing vehicle. One the other hand, a type of hitch known as weight distributing makes use the sidebars to transfer the weight from the rear axle to the front of the vehicle. This type of hitch is ideal when carrying a load which relatively heavy. The stability of cargo trailers is also achieved while using this type of hitch.


Different Hitch Variants


The most common type of hitches is the ball hitch. This can be installed to both truck and car. In general, the size of the ball determines the maximum weight that can be attached to the car or truck. However, the more important aspect in establishing the actual tow capacity is by checking the size of the receiver opening.


Finally, the gooseneck type of hitch and the fifth wheel are the kinds of hitches which are installed directly to the pick up truck beds. For proper mounting of these types of hitches, you have to remove the bed itself in order to confirm that the trailer is installed properly. The fifth wheel is placed on a steel plate and while a pin is utilized to attach the trailer to the hitch. The hitch known as gooseneck utilizes ball mounts and is conveniently hidden when not in use. On the other hand, the fifth wheel is installed to become a permanent component of the truck bed and is always exposed even when it is not used.


There are many types of hitch. However, it is important that you what you need and the capacity of your vehicle. You should also anticipate your future so that you accurately find the proper hitch and hitch accessories based on the maximum weight that you will fasten to your vehicle.


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