Trailer GatorTM Hitch Lock System

How it works

Trailer GatorTM Attaches Easily

Trailer GatorTM securely fits around a trailer coupler and is locked in place with any of the various coupler locks on the market. Trailer GatorTM attaches in seconds and is designed for use while the trailer is detached from the vehicle and/or being stored.


Key Features of the Trailer GatorTM Hitches


  • Compatibility with multiple locks & padlocks, although we recommend Mul-T-Lock for the best protection.
  •  hardened steel frame which defies cutting.
  • A theft proof (anti-bolt cutter) technology; shackle guard protects against bolt cutters.
  • A secure and precise fit around the coupler flange which leverages the coupler’s own flange to prevent the Trailer Gator from being slid off.
  • The Trailer GatorTM’s design prevents the coupler from being taken off and replaced by covering the bolts attaching the coupler to the trailer tongue.
  •  Fitment of most standard trailer couplers (excluding couplers with surge brakes due to the large “stepped” design, and excluding A-Frame trailers due to the fact that the coupler is typically welded on).
  • Bottom plate on the Trailer GatorTM  that prevents a trailer ball from being inserted into coupler.
  • An internal hinge on the Trailer GatorTM which prevents external access and the possible compromise of the Trailer GatorTM by securing this critical component internally.
  • Powder coated finish and internal hinge requires minimal to no maintenance.


It is our belief that The Trailer GatorTM  is the best trailer coupler lock on the market. The Trailer GatorTM’s simple yet rugged design will guard the trailer from even the most motivated thieves. All other devices are a mere “bump in the road” for even the most inept thief armed with a ratchet, 10 minutes and a $25.00 matching coupler.



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